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dianabol pills

Selective beta1-blocker without its own sympathomimetic activity. Lowers intraocular pressure, expressed resorptive effect is minimal; does not cause miosis, spasm of accommodation by reducing aqueous humor production, night blindness, the effect of “the veil” in front of the eyes (unlike miotikov).
Typically, the onset of effect is observed within .30 minutes (the maximum effect develops within 2 hours), the duration – 24 h. The pharmacokinetics may be subject to systemic absorption. Communication with plasma proteins – 50%. The half-life (Tm) – 14 -. 22 hours excreted by the kidneys (15% unchanged). The permeability of the blood-brain barrier and the placental barrier – low secretion of breast milk -neznachitelnaya.

Open-angle glaucoma, a condition after laser trabeculoplasty, increased intraocular pressure.

Hypersensitivity, sinus bradycardia, atrioventricular block II-III degree, cardiogenic shock, decompensated chronic heart failure (also in history); Children up to age 18 years (effectiveness and safety are not defined). Precautions The drug should be used with caution while taking oral beta-blockers, as well as Raynaud’s syndrome, pheochromocytoma, diabetes, thyrotoxicosis.

Pregnancy and lactation
During pregnancy and lactation are used in cases where the benefits outweigh the risk of side effects.

Dosage and administration . Local Buried in the conjunctival sac of 1 drop 2 times a day; during the first month of treatment is performed under the control of intraocular pressure.

Side effects: Local reactions: allergic reactions, temporary discomfort in the eyes (tingling and burning sensation in the eye, watery eyes), transient blurred vision, foreign body sensation, itching, skin redness, conjunctivitis, keratitis, anisocoria, photophobia, decreased corneal sensitivity, “dry syndrome eyes “. Systemic reactions: insomnia, depressive neurosis, headache, rash, toxic epidermal necrolysis, bradycardia, hypotension, asthma, dyspnea.


If overdose, flush eyes with warm running water.

Interaction with other drugs
With simultaneous application of eye drops and beta-blockers in – risk of additive effects from both the intraocular pressure, and the manifestations of systemic effects of beta-blockers.
Drugs that suppress the deposition of catecholamines (reserpine), increase the risk of hypotension and / or bradycardia.


In the period of the drug should not wear contact lenses.
Do not affect the value of the pupil, with angle-closure glaucoma used only in conjunction with miotikami. When transferring a patient on dianabol pills after treatment with multiple antiglaucoma drugs last shall be progressively abolished. With insufficient reduction of intraocular pressure in conjunction with dianabol pills can use pilocarpine and other miotics, and / or epinephrine, and / or inhibitors karbangidrazy .. With prolonged use marked decrease in sensitivity to dianabol pills. During the period of treatment must be careful when driving and occupation of other potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions.
Immediately after instillation of the drug can be a short-term loss of visual acuity, so the management of transport and work with mechanisms recommended not earlier than 15 minutes after the application of eye drops.
after instillation should immediately seal the bottle. Cardiovascular system requires special caution when treating patients with a history of conduction disturbances or heart failure. diabetes mellitus should be with extreme caution to beta-blockers to patients with spontaneous hypoglycemia or . patients with diabetes mellitus receiving insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs as beta-blockers may mask the symptoms of acute hypoglycemia hyperthyroidism: beta-blockers may mask, so should not the symptoms of hyperthyroidism (tachycardia) cancel sharply them for suspected hyperthyroidism – may develop thyrotoxic crisis. The bodies of breath in patients with lung disease may asthma and other pulmonary complications in the treatment of dianabol pills. Surgery Before using general anesthesia should be gradually phased beta-blockers, as they reduce the ability of the heart to respond to the signals of the sympathetic nature. Muscle weakness beta-blockers are reinforce signs of muscle weakness, which are similar to the symptoms of myasthenia gravis (diplopia, ptosis, generalized weakness). The probability of allergic reactions Patients with a history of atopy or severe anaphylactic reaction to a variety of allergens, while taking beta adrenergic blocker may be more sensitive to repeated, accidental, diagnostic or therapeutic administration of the relevant allergens and unresponsive to the usual doses of epinephrine used to eliminate allergic reactions. cypionat 250