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dianabol stack

Dianabol stack of biologically active compounds of Ginkgo dianabol stack extract (flavonoid glycosides, terpene lactones) may reduce vascular permeability, inhibit platelet aggregation. As a consequence, it improves microcirculation, supply of the brain and peripheral tissues of oxygen and glucose.

The drug is given at the elderly cerebrovascular disorders, accompanied by:

  • disorders of attention and / or memory, violation of intellectual abilities,
  • anxiety, fear,
  • dizziness, tinnitus, sleep disturbances.
    Appointed in cases of violation of the circulation of the lower limbs.Contraindications
    : Hypersensitivity to the drug, reduced blood clotting, erosive gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the acute stage, children’s age (18 years).Dosing and Administration
    The drug is given 1 capsule 3 times a day. The capsules should be swallowed with a little water. The course of treatment for at least 3 months. The first signs of improvement usually appear after 1 month. Repeat courses may, after consultation with the doctor.Side effects:
    In rare cases, allergic reactions (skin rash), dyspepsia, headache, decreased blood clotting.Use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation
    dianabol stack is not recommended during pregnancy and lactationOverdosing
    Currently, the cases of drug overdose dianabol stack has not been reported.

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